Some days we have a barely visible impact in the world, some days we have such an impact that we clearly see the results. This story is one in the second category. It was a very special occurance for all of us. I played a role, while in my eyes the lead was Andrew and I ‘merely’ helped him be his best. It feels like his story to tell, so here it is.

How I saved a life

“My fiance and I met Karin on a coaching course we participated in. Some call it fate, others refer to it as the Lords work, but whatever we call it I am 100% sure a mysterious higher power ensured Karin was in our car on the journey home. A true crisis situation broke out on that journey and in the following 24 hours Karin’s incredible support guided me through an experience I could never have dealt with alone.

Her strength, wisdom, calmness under pressure and ability to pose the right question into my head at exactly the right time enabled me to make insights myself to see the situation out safely. In Karin I have made a true friend and my soon-to-be-wife and I are eternally grateful. I have no doubt we would not be here today if it were not for her presence and loyalty through that emergency. She showed her true colours as a person.

Our experience came about in extraordinary circumstances so I have not had the pleasure of her guidance in a “professional” capacity. On the basis of how she helped me, I would strongly recommend her council to anyone that needs guidance to spark an insight or breakthrough, leading to good choices being made.

From the heart,
Thankyou Karin”

Andrew Spencer, Huissen