Why? Shit is getting real. We need to take care of ourselves. It can save our lives and that of others. Ask help if you could use any. Many coaches like me trained for years to help you through whatever comes up.

Episode 2: Flee or face

1) The virus entering the country while knowing what it did to the health systems in other countries.
2) Seeing that intense measures will remain needed for months to come. Meaning if we’re to live with this for an extended period of time, we’ll somehow need it to be sustainable.
3) Patterns in thinking and behaving we could flee from before that now are more or less shoved into our faces. Family or housemates perceived as annoying? Us not taking care of ourselves well enough? These things become extra clear now.

So what to do? Flee or face?
One side of me wants to not deal with it. To live carefree, to stick to the habits I’ve built up and the many hugs I’d been exchanging. Another side of me knows that when my surroundings are inevitably changing and I want to feel good in my surroundings, I’d better take the new development as given and have influence on what that new future would look like.

As my old martial arts teacher and self defence teacher told me: “you can only change a situation when you choose to be part of it.”

THE QUESTION: Do I prefer feeling empowered over short term relief?

THE CHOICE: A very clear YES. A yes on facing what’s here. On choosing to empower myself, on having influence on myself and my direct surroundings and on finding ways for the new reality to be desirable.
Having a clear mind and fully feeling the above decision fuel me makes my actions so much stronger and my communications so much clearer. Many effects are already showing itself and will naturally continue to do so.

I’m curious how you deal with this or similar decisions and how you like the effects.
Feel free to send requests (How do you deal with…) and know that I’m a professional trained to help you develop in intense times, tailored as personally to you as can be.

Let’s do this!

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