We’re in week 3 of semi-lockdown and I’ve been talking to some dear ones. It seems to be less about choosing who to be in quarantine with and more about finding sustainable ways of living. After all, it is unclear how much longer we’re in for.

Here’s some tips from me and the people I talked to.

Episode 3: Fifteen more tips that help us through
– Make sure to feel connected. Videocalling is a great tool to do so.
– Breathe out on impact. Relax, give things space and they will find a new balance.
– To limit being swept away, we stay close to ourselves. Set an intention for how we want to feel during that day and how we’ll facilitate that.
– Be radically honest with ourselves: What do we need.
– Ask for help. Being stubborn on this one only puts us in unnecessary strain.
– Communicate clearly. What do we need. What do we want. How can we help others.
– Be compassionate to ourselves and others.
– Unhappy about fleeing into work, eating or otherwise? Become more at ease with whatever causes it.
– Know that we all function differently and have different needs.
– Choose our battles.
– Cheer about how the current situation is an answer to any of our desires.
– Empower ourselves. There’s many ways I’ve posted about this before.
– Look for quiet. That’s where we can relax, heal and find the most constructive and sustainable ideas.
– Gratefully let go of what patterns don’t fit anymore.

Perhaps the most important one:
Ask ourselves: What beliefs, values and decisions are working for me?

I’m curious what patterns you encounter these days and if you’ve found a way to deal with it.
Feel free to send requests (How do you deal with…) and know that I’m a professional trained to give you guidance in these intense times, tailored as personally to you as can be.

Let’s do this!

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